About Branch County Parks

Branch County boasts more than 100 lakes. The city of Coldwater and Memorial Park are located on the Randall Morisson (sometimes called the North Chain) of Lakes is one of two chains of lakes in the area. Formed during the Wisconsin Glacial Stage 10,000-75,000 years ago, the Randall-Morrison Chain of Lakes was increased in size and depth by historical mining operations and the construction of a 9-ft high dam on the Coldwater river near the town of Hodunk in 1847. Collectively, the Randall-Morrison Chain of Lakes and connecting channels cover approximately 1,074 acres.
Fishing opportunities in this chain are abundant, and fish tend to be larger than state average. Common species include Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Bluegill, Walleye, Yellow Perch, and Black Crappie. This could be just one of the few locations across the country that could provide you with access to these species of fish.

In 1887, ten members of the Jacob Commandery of Free Masons began building waterfront summer homes on Templar Beach in Morrison lake. The cottage at the lake idea became extremely popular, and today, most of the shores of the 100 lakes in branch county are filled with summer and year-round homes.

Board of Park Trustees

Park Trustees were first appointed in the early 1960’s by a group then called the County Supervisors. The Park System began with one Park called Memorial Park located on Behnke Road, in 1964. The System has grown to five parks to date, with over 120 acres.

Board of Trustees

Steve Weigt
Randy Travelbee
Robert Mayer


Julie PiersonSecretary

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